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What is a Limited Edition Print?

If you have browsed through the array of artwork on offer in my online gallery, you may have noticed that the prints are all limited edition prints. But what does this actually mean? This blog will shed some light on the printing process and make it easy to understand exactly what you are buying.

Simply put, the number of available copies of a ‘limited edition print’ is restricted to a defined total amount. The rarity of a print from a limited edition will contribute to its higher value. They also tend to have a greater appeal to art collectors than open editions because there are fewer of them (an unlimited amount of prints may be produced in an open edition).

All of my limited edition prints are printed in-house or should I say in-hut! I am a qualified printer with over 20 years experience so you are assured of excellent quality. Firstly I capture an image of the original artwork by using a high end flat bed scanner or sometimes a photograph for larger pieces.

I then edit the image if required using commercial printing software and print using high quality printing equipment. My printer uses a method called ‘giclée printing’ and provides superior colour accuracy and finish compared to other means of replication. The inks used are lightfast and of archival standard, printing also to archival papers ensure that your print will last for at least 200 years!

Next, each print is hand signed and numbered, with its own unique number in the edition. The first number indicates the edition and the second number is the full edition size. For example, a print marked 5/100 is the 5th edition produced of a total run of 100 prints.

Each print is then either mounted and acetate wrapped or framed by myself. To validate the print, I attach a bespoke Certificate of Authenticity to each copy.

Now you know how much care and attention goes into creating my range of limited edition prints, why not check out the full range here.

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