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The Commission Process

I aim to make the process of ordering a pet portrait as easy as possible for you wherever you are in the world. My portraits have been sent all over the world so although I am based in the UK I can send your artwork to you wherever that may be.

Pet portraits are perhaps the most fitting way to celebrate that special animal in your life, your best friend. Hours of love are put in to creating them and will capture a true likeness and character of your pet. I use the finest quality artists quality materials to create your pet portraits and capturing the personality of your pet, that, along with client satisfaction is my ultimate priority.

All my portraits are drawn from good, clear photographs. I need to work from high resolution photographs which show the unique details of your pet such as the fur, eyes, markings etc. I normally like 3 or 4 images to work from pointing out which one shows the most likeness to the colour and character.

It is common for there to be a waiting list for portraits to be completed because they involve many hours of detailed work, this is often longer at Christmas. I also offer gift vouchers for pet portraits if a last minute commission is not possible, or if you want to leave it to the recipient to decide what they want.

For more information or to book your pet portrait please get in touch:

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